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The Brainwave Analyzer

The Brainwave Analyzer          The Brainwave Analyzer – Help

Free Open Source program to analyze brainwave csv files.

Written by Nayuki of  The Nayuki Project

OpenVibe-Drawing            OpenVibe-Drawing-per Minute

To use the Brainwave Analyzer you’ll need a NeuroSky MindWave Headset  (not Mindwave Mobile) which works with Windows 7, XP, and Vista.

For tips on how to use the Mindwave Headset see (Mindwave – How to Connect to a PC)

To download the EEG readings, you’ll need to the free Mindwave Reader 512 and for tips on using this software see The Mindwave Reader 512 – Help 

You can also use the free Open Vibe software which is more complicated to use, for tips see OpenVibe – Part 1OpenVibe – Part 2OpenVibe – Part 3

What takes more brainpower playing a guitar or watching a movie? Find out for yourself using the The Brainwave Analyzer. What about video games, do they use a lot of brainpower? When you are playing your favorite game, are you giving your brain a good workout, or just a good snooze? Here’s your opportunity to find out for yourself.

Examples:  (for more examples see Gallery-1)

Pong 3D DH (adult male) played Pong 3D
Video (Back to the Future) DH (adult male) Watching a Movie
Concentration DH (adult male) played the game Concentration
Reading DH (adult male) Reading a novel
Guitar DH (adult male) played Guitar by Ear