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  1. kay
    kay March 2, 2016

    Can I give you a question? It looks you used both mindwave headset and open BCI. right?
    I heard that data driven from mindwave are less accurate than open BCI’s. What’s your opinion?

    • katie356
      katie356 March 6, 2016

      Hi Kay

      It could be that OpenBCI is more accurate, but I have no opinion just yet.

      The problem with OpenBCI is that it is quite expensive. I’m hoping that they will come up with
      a cheaper, scaled down version for those of us on a budget (say one channel EEG only). But I do
      intend to buy one and give it a try, probably sometime later on this year. Will definitely blog
      about it once I do!

      Best regards,


    • katie356
      katie356 May 28, 2016

      Hi kay
      Looking at the BCI website more carefully, I realized that in addition to the $499 version, there is also
      a $99 (4 channel) version. A much, much better price, so my hubby kindly ordered one for me, unfortunately it won’t arrive until Aug/Sept. But definitely looking forward to trying it out.

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