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OpenBCI Ganglion (Windows 10) – Part 1 – Intro

OpenBCI has a inexpensive EEG Machine called the Ganglion, which can easily be bought at the OpenBCI online store:

Ganglion Board (4-channels)

For a 4 channel EEG Machine, the Ganglion $199 price tag is incredibly inexpensive, but it does take some work to setup and use, so here is how I got it to work with Windows 10. Note the same instructions should work for Windows 8, but you’ll need different instructions for Windows 7, Mac, etc.

Here’s what arrived in the mail:

In addition you’ll need a few more things to get it to work:

electrodes, and EEG gel:

Gold Cup Electrodes

Ten20 Conductive Paste 2oz jars pack of 3

and 4 AA batteries and a tiny flat screwdriver.

and I recommend also getting some regular tape, or bandage tape such as Nexcare to help keep the electrodes in place:

Nexcare bandage tape


The Ganglion does not come with detailed instructions instead they are found online:

OpenBCI Ganglion Getting Started Tutorial

Since the Ganglion is a circuit board, the first thing to do is to ground yourself (see instructions).

Then turn over the Ganglion and snap in the little plastic feet and plug in the battery pack.


And voila you are ready to download the software and connect to your Windows 10 computer.

Also see the OpenBCI Page

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