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OpenBCI Ganglion (Windows 10) – Part 2 – Software

For reference see: OpenBCI Ganglion Getting Started Tutorial

OpenBCI Software

The next step is to download the OpenBCI GUI Software, go to the OpenBCI download page :

and choose either the Windows 64 or Windows 32 version. Note if you are not sure which one is correct, go to your Windows control panel, and choose System, where it will say whether your Windows is a 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System (note, most newer computers are 64-bit). Then download and save to your computer. In my case I saved to a desktop folder which I named OpenBCI, and since my computer is 64-bit the file name is

Unzip the file and save in your OpenBCI folder, then to start double-click on OpenBCI_GUI.exe

Since this is Windows 10, you might get a warning message. Click on “More info” and then click on “Run anyway”.



And then the OpenBCI software will open up.


Now close down the OpenBCI software.

And next: How to connect to the Ganglion

Also see the OpenBCI Page

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