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OpenBCI Ganglion (Windows 10) – Part 4 – Electrodes

For reference see: OpenBCI Ganglion Getting Started Tutorial

Setting up the electrodes

First turn off your Ganglion and take out your tiny screwdriver.

Next to the input pins are 4 tiny switches:

for EEG readings the switches should be a down position (note, there are different settings for EMG and ECG readings). The Ganglion is shipped with the switches in the UP position, so using your tiny screwdriver you’ll need to move them to the DOWN position:

Then plug the electrodes onto the pins:

D_G – Black – A2 – Right-hand ear

Ref – Yellow – A1 – Left-hand ear

+4 – Green – o2 – Back Right-hand side of the head

+3 – Blue – o1 – Back Left-hand side of the head

+2 – Purple – Fp2 – Front Right-hand side of the head

+ 1 – Grey – Fp1 – Front Left-hand side of the head


From the OpenBCI Ganglion Getting Started Tutorial:

To make things easier, I put little tags on each electrode wire:


Next step is to attached the electrodes. The OpenBCI Tutorial has an excellent section on this:

OpenBCI Ganglion Getting Started Tutorial – Connect for EEG

Note, they recommend a head band to keep the electrodes in place, but personally I prefer using tape (such as Nexcare bandage tape).

Next step, reading your brainwaves!

Also see the OpenBCI Page

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