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Month: May 2017

OpenBCI – Spectrograms

Using my OpenBCI Ganglion I took two readings of test subject DH, which I sent to my friend KOB to analyze. KOB is comfortable using EEGRUNT to analyze EEG readings, and was even able to make changes to the software to make it able to analyze Ganglion readings.

With a spectrogram, like the Brainwave Analyzer, the horizontal x-axis is time, but unlike the Brainwave Analyzer he vertical y-axis is the frequency. The color on the spectrogram represents the amplitude of the frequency. The higher the amplitude of the frequency, the warmer the color.
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OpenBCI Ganglion – Container – BCIBox

Autodidacts blog has created a very professional container for both the OpenBCI Cyton and the OpenBCI Ganglion called the BCIBox. This is an open source project, so they have posted complete instructions on how to create your own BCIBox using laser cutting and 3D printing. Or you can do what I did and just order the pre-made kit for $35, plus a delivery fee ($10 in my case).

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