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OpenBCI Ganglion – Container – BCIBox

Autodidacts blog has created a very professional container for both the OpenBCI Cyton and the OpenBCI Ganglion called the BCIBox. This is an open source project, so they have posted complete instructions on how to create your own BCIBox using laser cutting and 3D printing. Or you can do what I did and just order the pre-made kit for $35, plus a delivery fee ($10 in my case).

The BCIBox works well with the OpenBCI AA battery pack, or if you want an EEG that is  lighter and sleeker, Autodidacts found this Lithium battery that fits right inside the bottom of the BCIBox. This Lithium battery can also be found on Amazon, plus you will need a charger such as the Adafruit Micro Lipo – USB LiIon/LiPoly charger.

This is what came with my BCIBox order:

First thing to do is, turn over the BCIBox:

Twist and lift, and take off the bottom piece:

Turn over again, and twist off the silver “acorn nuts”:

And take off the top:

Take out your Ganglion and pull off the little “feet” and then unplug the battery pack. Then pull the battery pack wiring through the middle piece:

Then plug the battery pack wire back into the Ganglion:

Then set the Ganglion into the BCIBox, and put the 4 soft tubes onto each screw:

The put the top piece back on, and screw on the little “acorn nuts”:

Then turn over the BCIBox and put the bottom piece back on, using a screwdriver to tighten:

Then stick the Velcro stickers on the back of the battery pack:

and then stick to the bottom the BCIBox:

Then turn over and tie the string (that comes with the kit) or a shoelace, as so:

And voila, you are  ready to take some EEG readings:

Also see the OpenBCI Page

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