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Spectrograms, OpenBCI, EEGRUNT, and Robots

Interested in creating a Spectrogram of your brainwaves?

Isa of Autodidacts create EEGRUNT, an open source Pythong EEG analysis software.

For details on how to download and use:

Not the easiest to use, but if you are feeling ambitious…

According to Isa’s blog post, EEGRUNT was partially based on software written by Chip of EEG Hacker.

Chip was very interested in Alpha brainwaves, and their potential as an easy to to use brainwaves to control computers and robots.

Here are some of his fascinating posts on using his early version of EEGRUNT to find and use Alpha brain waves.

1. Moving from Matlab to Python
Matlab is the main software used by scientists to analyze EEG readings. Unfortunately Matlab is very expensive, so it is very refreshing for a Matlab expert to be interested in finding a way to make this type of analysis cheaper (in this case for free).

2. First Alpha with OpenBCI V3
Finding Alpha waves visually.

3. Detecting Alpha Waves – Threshold Detection
Now using the software to find Alpha waves.

4. Detecting Alpha Waves – Guard Bands
Refining the method used to find Alpha waves using softare.

5. Detected Alpha Waves – ROC Curves
Analyzing the method, does it work?

6. Alpha Detection – Comparison Across EEG Recordings
Checking the method, does it work?

7. Controlling a Hex Bug with my Brain Waves
And here he is using his alpha brain waves to control his scary robot.

Thanks Isa and Chip for sharing your amazing work!

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