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Tag: free open source software

OpenVibe – Part 3

Note, see OpenVibe – Part 1 and OpenVibe – Part 2

Now a walk-through (Part 3 of 3) of using your Mindwave and OpenVibe to save a sample of your brainwaves to a file.

Start “openvibe designer”, then open your acquisition-signal-display.xml” and your acquisition-file-csv.xml”


Start Neurosky’s “Thinkgear Connector”, and make sure the “Starting port” is correct.


Start “openvibe acquisition server”, and choose a driver “Neurosky Mindset”


Click on “Driver Properties”, and make sure the “COM Port” is correct” and you’ll want a “Sampling frequency” of 512.


Click on “Connect”, then once it is connected, click on “Play”.



OpenVibe – Part 2

Note, here is  OpenVibe – Part 1

This next part is about creating two boxes (processing algorithms), one to view your live brainwaves, and one to save the brainwave readings to a file (to be used for later analysis).

Box 1 – Signal Display

The first step is to start the OpenVibe Designer, and open the “generic-stream-reader.xml” (if you are not sure how, see OpenVibe – Part 1).

Create an OpenVibe folder C:OpenVibe

Next Save the “generic-stream-reader.xml” as “acquisition-signal-display.xml” in the C:OpenVibe folder.


On the right-hand side of the OpenVibe Designer are the components of the processing algorithms.