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Reader512 – About

Mindwave Reader 512 – Version 2

Downloads Raw EEG readings to a .csv file, 512 lines per second.

Note, Mindwave Reader 512 only works with Mindwave (Not Mindwave Mobile) which only works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Reader512-Version2       Reader512-Version2-Sample

Written in Java 7 (32-bit) Netbeans 8.0.2
(does not work with Java 64-bit).

Based on Thinkgear wrapper written by David Cheatham

and is a project of


Source Code:

Many thanks to Gutenberg for creating the setup file.
It tested well on my Windows 7 computer. But does not work on Windows 10. Should work on Windows XP and Vista

Source Code & Setup file can also be found at:

The new Version only saves “Time, Raw, Attention, Meditation” instead of all the bands, blinks, battery, etc. so that saved data files don’t become so huge.  Note, the raw data exported from Mindwave is more accurate, while the  band information exported by the Mindwave is more of an estimate and not as accurate as the Brainwave Analyzer.

Also the new version deletes the first and last line of data which tend to save incorrectly.


Mindwave Reader 512 – Version 1

MindwaveReader512         MindwaveReader512-Results


Source Code:  

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